Poster: A0 size, portrait (84.1 x 118.9 cm)



Name Poster title
1 Kotaro Fujisawa Magnetic field configurations of a magnetar throughout its interior and exterior [abstract]
2 Kiyoshi Hayashida Hard X-ray Imaging Polarimeters for PolariS [abstract]
3 Wataru Buz Iwakiri The Performance of the TPC polarimeter for PRAXyS [abstract]
4 Mitsuru Kokubo Constraints on the optical polarization source in the luminous non-blazar quasar 3C 323.1 (PG 1545+210) from the photometric and polarimetric variability [abstract]
5 Toshio Nakano Study of the gain uniformity and high-voltage tolerance of the GEM for a space application [abstract]
6 Kento Torigoe Study of performance of a plastic scintillator + MPPC system in low energy X-ray [abstract]