Systematic Near-Infrared Circular and Linear Imaging Polarimetry Survey in Star Forming Regions

Jungmi Kwon and SIRPOL Team

Polarimetry is an important tool for studying the physical processes in the interstellar medium such as star-forming regions. Especially, circular polarization (CP) is a unique astronomical tool not only to study circumstellar structures but also to act as a potential surface biosignature on (exo)planets. We have been conducting a systematic near-infrared CP survey in star-forming regions, covering high-mass, intermediate-mass, and the SIRPOL imaging polarimeter on the Infrared Survey Facility (IRSF) 1.4 m telescope at the SAAO has been used to this study. In this presentation, we will show the ubiquity of both circular and linear polarizations in star forming regions, and discuss their origins and its implications on astrobiology.