SOUTH POL: Uncovering the Polarized Southern Skies

Antonio Mario Magalhaes, Edgar A. Ramrez, James W. Davidson​ Jr., Antonio Pereyra, Nadili L. Ribeiro, Daiane B. Seriacopi, Marcelo Rubinho & Tiberio Ferrari

SOUTH POL will be a survey of the Southern sky in optical polarized light. It will use a newly built polarimeter for T80-S, an 84 cm robotic telescope installed at CTIO, Chile. It will initially cover the sky South of declination -15 deg in about two years of observing time with a polarimetric accuracy < 0.1% at V~14-15. The camera covers a field of about 2.0 square degrees.

SOUTH POL will impact areas such as Cosmology, Extragalactic Astronomy, Interstellar Medium of the Galaxy and Magellanic Clouds, Star Formation, Stellar Envelopes, Stellar Explosions and Solar System.

The polarimeter has been just built, as well as the data reduction pipeline. We will describe the instrument and the data reduction, as well as the science cases. The first polarized images are expected in the 1st semester of 2017.