Overview of the conference

Cosmic polarimetry is a powerful tool for investigating the radiation mechanism from an observed object and transfer processes through its surrounding materials and magnetic field. Recent technical developments in polarimeters can allow us to perform multi-wavelength polarimetry from radio to soft gamma-ray regions as well as large-scale polarimetry survey. The conference aims to gather experts on cosmic polarimetry and discuss fundamental physics, its theoretical predictions, and observational/experimental evidence. This conference will focus on the following topics (but not limited to):

  • Polarization in compact objects
  • Polarimetry survey
  • Multi-wavelength polarimetry
  • Future polarimetry projects
  • Data analysis and modeling in polarimetry

The conference is organized by CORE-U (Core Of Research for the Energetic Universe), a newly-established research center which consists of research groups in cosmology, astrophysics, and particle physics in Hiroshima University. The role of CORE-U is in an effort to unify the related research fields and perform comprehensive studies on, e.g., the evolution of the early universe, super-dense astronomical objects, and ultra-high-energy phenomena. The conference is also supported by RIKEN and Osaka University.

Invited speakers

  • Paolo Coppi
  • Joanne Hill
  • Wynn Ho
  • Hirokazu Ishino
  • Ryosuke Itoh
  • Timothy Kallman
  • Shota Kisaka
  • Philippe Laurent
  • Grzegorz Madejski
  • Antonio Mario Magalhães
  • Carole Mundell
  • Hiroshi Nagai
  • Shogo Nishiyama
  • Hirokazu Odaka
  • Santosh Vadawale